The people behind Flowganiser

Conceiving, planning, developing and implementing a thorough and complex Data Management system is beyond the scope of a capsulated organization. Our company is working alongside the industries that are most needing of a DM system, such as Transport and Logistics, Accounting and Finance, R&D, Commerce and Retail, Auditing and certification, etc.

We maintain regular relations with professionals from the above industries to not only keep in step with their current needs and trends, but to be ahead of them and forsee solutions to problems that are currently defined in general terms.

The team

Our team consists of professionals with a managerial background in the Transport and Logistics, Tourism, Auditing and certification industries with a combined experience in developing ECM and ERP solutions of over 40 years.

In addition to our dedicated team, we employ various external consultants and developers, with whom we have a solid track record.