System description

The integrated solution is based on the following parameters and functionalities:

  1. HTML5 Web based user interface user environment is any modern browser
  2. Linux based backend no hidden or inherent licenses and taxes
  3. Secure SSL connection reduced communication risks
  4. Supported file formats (pdf, docx, xlsx and pptx) 95% of files circulated in business
  5. System objects can only be disabled and not deleteddata integrity assurance
  6. Centralized incoming numberingunique document identification
  7. User assigned document typesfrom a predefined list
  8. Document statusescurrent status and pending actions
  9. Diagram templates"fill in the blanks" automation
  10. Document versionscentral information updating
  11. Folder notificationsnew or overdue documents and actions
  12. Document registersQMS intrinsic features
  13. External interfacesautomatic entering of documents generated by other modules
  14. Detailed loggingfull traceability and process analysis